CSROA recognizes those who have made a difference in the school community. The association honors educators, law enforcement, campus security personnel, and those who have contributed to developing and maintaining a safe and secure school throughout their careers. Awardees go above and beyond duties to improve the school climate.

Educator of the Year

This award is provided to the school administrator, counselor, teacher or other certificated staff who have improved the lives of students, their families or have implemented innovative programs or approaches which have improved the safety of the school and built a positive school culture and climate.

School Resource Officer of the Year

The award exemplifies those in law enforcement who have embodied the model of the California School Resource Officers’ Association of being an informal counselor, social worker, educator, as well as, maintaining duties of a sworn professional law enforcement officer.

Campus Security of the Year

Awardees will exemplify the vast responsibilities of the position. The candidate will have the ability to balance duties for security such as investigations, having students follow rules and ensuring a safe and secure school environment, professionalism with strongly contributing to building a positive school culture. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awardees have recently retired or are about to retire and must have dedicated their careers to improving school safety and security. The candidate will be responsible for implementing innovative programs, strategies, approaches and interventions to reducing school violence, crime and negative behaviors.